And So It Began……..


Hey, Pierrot shouted “are you nearly packed yet”,” not yet “,I responded there are still a few things to pack.

My hubby had made a bet that I would not get everything in the car and I was determined to prove him wrong.



Pierrot was trying his hardest to capture my attention as he was so excited not only was he coming  to the Sasha celebration weekend, but he was then travelling with his brothers and sisters to America to be part of The Sasha festival in New York. So after I assured him that everything was in hand he sat very quietly with  a smile on his lips.


Then we were off at last.


We arrived at Eastwood Hall in the blistering sunshine and unpacked, later that evening, before turning in for the night, I managed to set up the Robin Hood display in the lobby ready for our guests to arrive the nest day.




  1. You will be pleased to know Pierrot has taken up position between my two course dolls and says he will be there until his journey across the pond. I love this blog Theresa, the calm before the storm! xx

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