To Switzerland By Train



I started my journey from London St Pancras to Switzerland on the Eurostar train. The journey from London to Paris takes around 2hrs 16 minutes.

I arrived into  France on time at a station called Gare de Nord. The next part of my journey was to navigate the Paris metro, which is very much like the London underground, very busy and confusing. This was the part I least enjoyed and was glad that I only has to go two stops to catch my next connection from Paris at a station called Gare de Lyon.

As you can see from the photos below Gare De Lyon station is very big and busy. Unlike main stations in England where there is one main concourse that will display all train details. This station was split into different  concourses which are called Halls and are numbered Hall 1, Hall 2, ect.



I boarded my train from Gare de Lyon  to Mulhouse. It was a very busy train and when travelling on this train you need to have a seat reservation in order to travel. This is a very fast train reaching speeds of 198 miles per hour. On board the train was a restaurant and buffet car. This part of my journey took around 2 and half hours.

Below are a couple of photos taken on route to Mulhouse. Not sure what they were but very eye catching.


Below are from the scenic route.



After arriving in Mulhouse I change to another train. This time I travelled from Mulhouse to Basel with a journey time of 1 and half hours. This train was quite an older one but still plenty of leg room and reminded me of the trains I travelled on as a child.







I loved the fact that you could turn the thermostat up or down manually. Also that the litter bins ere placed just under the window shelves so easy to access.



I arrived into Basel station. As I alighted from the train there was a station attendant gesturing for us to go through a door, which I then realised was the customs, so I went through the door and walked around the invisible border between France and Switzerland and to my surprise there was no one there, so I carried on out the other side and boarded my next train  from Basel to Chur, a journey tine of 2hours and 10 minutes.

Photos below taken along the scenic route.





On route we stopped at Zurich which is a very large station and I was mesmerised by the trains with an upper floor.



From Zurich to Chur there  are breath taking views of the lake, but as the light was fading these are not the best.





More country scenes before my arrival into Chur




The last train I travelled on from Basel to Chur was a very pretty and modern train as you can see from the photos below.




My friend Brigitte met me at Chur station and we travelled the last part of my journey together.

It had been an amazing journey and just the start of my wonderful time in Switzerland, so there is more to come.








  1. A very lovely post Theresa. When I visited England this year, I loved my time on the trains. Thank you sharing your travels. 🙂 xxx


  2. Wonderful journey and you did it all without delay! Love the inside train photos, such differendce. I have been on the last traject before and was enchanted by the lakeside track, first Zurich See and then Walensee, very beautiful. Looking foreward to the rest of your adventures!


  3. So nice! I grew up on the lake from Zürich. I immediatly reconized the localities on your photos.
    I am very curious to see where the journey is still going. Did you go back to Zürich? Maybe you
    visited the toy museum in Zürich? At the moment they show Sasha dolls from the original collection.
    Thanks so much for sharing your travels.


  4. Your train and travel narrative and pictures almost made me feel as if I were there with you, and I wish I were. I love Switzerland abundantly. Please tell Brigitte hello.


  5. That was quite a journey and so many trains for you to try out Theresa, I wonder which one was your favourite? The last one that led to Brigitte maybe?


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