Hi Everyone and welcome to my new blog, unfortunately my old blog platform has closed so this is now my new site.

I have moved across the blogs from my old site so that you can still access them.

This new site is called The Sasha Emporium  and Twizel is still the manager (although she prefers to be called a Director as she manages The Emporium and the Sasha dolls)

This site has categories, For example if you would lie to see a past or present story just click on the past stories tab at the top of the page.


I hope you enjoy this site.


  1. Theresa I want to wish you all success with your new site! Love and hugs from Sarah, Lulu, Tiny and Moppet and guests Loco and Lucifer and all your Sasha nieces and nephews here. Xxxxx

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    1. I hope this is not a silly question, but I was wondering if Charlotte was still for sale? I can’t find where to leave a comment to show my interest in her- probably my lack of success with WordPress! If you could let me know one way or the other, that would be lovely!


  2. I have just had a lovely and more thorough look at all your pages Theresa, what a treat for the eyes. I loved looking at your Sashas in particular and also love the Sasha Celebration Weekend countdown! xx

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  3. Welcome to the world of WordPress blogs. I’ve been really thrilled with mine over the past many years.
    I particularly love the way that it snows here in the Winter months and the annual feedback that you get as to how well you have done which include how many visits and comments received, which five followers have commented the most , which blogging day or subject was the most popular etc. which all goes to help you for the future.
    A very happy and successful WordPress 2016 to you, your manager/director, Twizel, and your Sasha crew.


  4. My first time resding your blog and it will be a first stop on the Tablet. brfore my day starts Since I recently heard about Course and soft dolls I aquired six and love them. Having them is one of a surprising luck. I dress them generly inRuthsclothing and am short onedress and pantieMyhusband has always been on the scene in admiring Sashadolls. We once,again with luck somehesrs ago a Studio Boy and because of deveral cross country moves sent him onto anothercollectlr who loves himwhile I truly would like a girl. I will need towait to read more of your blog.

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  5. Hi there! Your blog is a wealth of info. Thank you! Question: I have a Sasha that needs restringing and I was hoping you could recommend someone. Or can you suggest a resource I can consult. Thanks in advance!


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