Re-rooted damaged Sasha 108

I received a Sasha 108 white dress red head waif with a very bad haircut. so I took her from this …….



To this………..




I harvested hair from the back of her head to created a single fringe and then matched new hair into the plugs at the back


I think she looks much better, what do you think?

oh, and as it is shoes week, she is wearing a very early pair of JJ shoes.



Thanks for looking……………..



  1. A wonderful re-rooting job Theresa! Very creative and so clever using her back hair for the fringe so that the colour and texture match…although obviously made a lot more work for you but as we can see well worth it.

    I hadn’t realised that JJ had made shoes in this style in her early days… as I remember her sending me her very first attempt at side strap bar shoes for my kids to use as play shoes.

    Betting that Jocelyn likes her ‘froggie’ dress.


    1. Hi Kendal thank you for the lovely comments. The shoes were a gift from JJ to a freind of hers. I believe they were a sample set.You are right about the dress it is right up Jocelyn’s street.


  2. She’s spectacular, Theresa. Wonderful job. Someone at a Sasha festival or Celebration should hold a hair re-rooting workshop.


    1. That’s a great idea Anne, unfortunately I am not attending this year, so maybe something to think about for next year. I am very happy with how she turned out.


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