Forever Young was the Festival theme this year and I remember my Mother saying that although your body aged  in your mind you were forever young and it is so true.


The next part of the programme were craft workshops and the craft this year was to make felt finger puppets. I must apologise that I took these photos on my return home as I was so engrossed in actually doing the craft , that I did not take any photos at the time.


There was a choice between a monkey, cat,  parrot, elephant and dog.

I chose the Elephant and dog and these are my efforts below.



After the crafting was over it was time to get ready for Dinner.



As we entered the hall I was asked to pick a bar of chocolate from four different flavours and as dark chocolate with hazelnuts was on the menu, that was the one for me.

The wonderful hall we were having our dinner in had beautiful ceiling lights, which I thought were worth a mention.




I made my way to a table where Heidi Wheeler was the Hostess. I received a lovely dress made by Heidi as a hostess gift from her which I will show in my last post.


I discovered that Monica Jarpey also has a penchant for dark  chocolate.


Here are some photos from around the Dining room. The dinner was a three course meal and very yummy.












Donna explains the meaning of the chocolate bars. There were four different souvenir outfits and four different types of bars of chocolates. Depending on which type of chocolate bar you chose, you would receive a corresponding souvenir outfit.


Souvenir gift boxes were given to each table. I will let you know which one I received in my last post.




Not sure what these two are up to, but they look like they ae having fun.



Ida and friends are dressed for dinner






After dinner Diane Duke gave a wonderful talk and slide show about her knitting. Once again I need to apologise for the lack of photos on this as I was busy listening and by the time  took some photos many of the dolls had already been taken away.


I was very pleased to see Helen the wandering doll again.


The next post will be breakfast and goodbyes, along with some of my favourite photos from my time in the USA, Thanks for looking…..







  1. Thank you Theresa for posting the photos of the Festival events. I didn’t take as many this year because I was really immersed in each moment and I just had the best time. It is so nice to see the photos afterwards to bring back fond memories. ❤️ xxx


  2. As they say ‘Good on you’ Theresa for taking so many wonderful photos as I know only too well that you do miss so much going on around you when doing this… BUT we, ‘stay-at-homers’ are absolutely thrilled and so grateful to see them… so again many. many thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve just finished having dinner with you all as I eat my breakfast! Thanks for the lovely photos, I love the ones of the tables and seeing all our friends. Those finger puppets are super cute.

    Liked by 1 person

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