I managed to take a photo of each of the Children’s Fund Auction items along with the amount each item made for charity. Starting with number 1 here goes.



Dress sunbonnet, pinafore,pantalets and walnut bundle baby. Socks and shoes not included, donated by Margaret pichard – raised $35




Beret, cape, a 1900s inspired dress, jump rope, cup and saucer. Shoes and socks not included. Donated by Barb Steinberg raised -$35


3. IMG_3386

Boy and girl Seminole Indian outfit, donated by Susan Stern – raised $40


4. IMG_3385

Cora in mismarked box. Donated by Susan Buchau raised $110


5. IMG_3384

Cotton dress with lace trimmed collar, donated by Judith Easthorpe  raised $40

6. IMG_3383

Pink dropped waist dress with a matching hat, pendant necklace and shoes. Fun day souvenir from 1999. Donated by Anne Votaw raised $45

7. IMG_3382

Coat,hat dropped waist dress, a bag and legging with zippers at the ankles. Donated by Gail Hathaway raised $55


8. IMG_3381

Tent and sleeping bags for Sasha. Donated by Janell Haddock raised $55


9. IMG_3380

100% cotton smocked dress with matching pants and hair ribbon. Donated by Julie Ruleman raised $160


10. IMG_3379

Original art work by Phyllis Goedeke based on pictures in the Sasha Puppen book, raised$45


11. IMG_3378

Baby Cara complete with outfit and box, donated by Willa Pettygrove, raised $100


12. IMG_3375


Authentic African outfit donated by Jeanna Bauer, raised $70


13. IMG_3374

Faux-fur trimmed poncho made from printed fleece, grey pants and lace up boots. Donated by Phyllis Goedeke, raised $55


14. IMG_3373

Vintage light pink embroidered Swiss organdie with a full slip, half slip, silk sash, a choker necklace and hair bow. Donated by Sara Hart, raised $50



15. IMG_3372

Tunic, leggings,knit cap,leather belt and sandals donated by Monica Jarpey, raised $80



16.  IMG_3371

Summer dress with embroidered skirt and matching pants and a matching crochet shawl. Donate by Cindy Calabria,raised $40


17. IMG_3370

Dolly Doodles outfits for Gregor, vest and jogging pants, for Sasha,jeans and a top. Donated by Ellen Church and Betsy Roberts, raised $70


18. IMG_3369

Wobbler and wardrobe created by the Minnesota Sasha friends, raised $230


19. IMG_3368

Flowered jumper, Jeans and shoes, donated by Diane Duke,. Noreen Walters and Judith Easthorpe, raised $600



20. IMG_3367

Vintage cream wool coat and liberty of London dress, shoes and socks. Donated by Gerry Brodt, raised $90



Moni Doll with wardrobe and carry case. Donated by Phyllis Goedeke, raised $130


22. IMG_3365

Princess Charlotte style sweater, gingham dress, handmade bunny, Trendon socks and Boneka shoes.Donated by Anne and Izzy Santucci, raised $300


23. IMG_3364

Studio style dress with a crocheted collar. Donated by Heidi Wheeler, raised $40


24. IMG_3363

Souvenirs from Florida Festival 2004. Boy and girl’s swim suits with tote bag and towel. Donated by Gail Hathaway, raised $45


25. IMG_3362

A special all hand sewn dress, chemise and panties  by Ann Chandler. Donated by Jackie Kraemer, raised $105


26.  IMG_3361

A Binder full of vintage sewing and knitting patterns, Donated by Gail Hathaway, raised $70


27. IMG_3360

A sexed Sasha baby wearing an original outfit by Janet Myhill-Dabbs. Donated by Janet Myhill-Dabbs and Peggy Livingstone, raised $170


28.  IMG_3359

Green dress, apron, underwear, hat, boots, socks, necklace and book. Donated by Mary Sampson aka (Betsymay) and the Santucci ladies, raised $150


29. IMG_3357

Cotton PJs for Sasha and Gregor, a onsie for baby, a quilt, 2 bath robes,cotton diapers and dolly with PJs. Donated by Pamela Jo Tagashira, raised $60


30. IMG_3356

Doll sized quilt made from hand dyed batik fabrics. Donated by Linda Hord, raised $110


31. IMG_3355

Sailing outfit with sweater and linen pants. Donated by Maureen Hallenbeck, raised $60


32. IMG_3354

Aqua sundress and pants,denim skirt and pink hoody set made by Dolly Doodles. Donated by Betsy Roberts, raised $70


33. IMG_3353

Rare full centre part, red haired dungarees girl. Donated by Jackie Kraemer, raised $1050


34. IMG_3352

Complete set of Friends of Sasha newsletters. Donated by Dorisanne Osbourne, raised $205


35. IMG_3351

sleeveless embroidered dress with detachable tulle overlay, shoes socks and hair ribbon. Donated by Norvell Jones, raised $110


36. IMG_3350

Baby in an outfit by Christine Durand, mittens by Ellen Church, skis, poles socks and shoes. Donated by Ellen Church raised $350


37. IMG_3349

Studio doll portrait donated by Phyllis Goedeke, raised$ 40


38. IMG_3347

Liberty of London dress, pantalets, slip,socks and shoes donated by Sheila  Foery, raised $105


39. IMG_3346

Llama sweater donated by Rosie Shortell and Kendal Hackney, raised $150


40. IMG_3345

2 wonderful existentialist outfits in the style of Sasha’s Chicago Black Studio dolls, by Susana Lewis, raised $410


41. IMG_3344

Henry’s adventure book. Donated by Henry Holiday and Lorraine Tyler, raised $60


42. IMG_3343

Curly baby with romper, Peter rabbit blankie, pillow and all accessories. Donated by Dawn Law, raised $200


43.  IMG_3342

Sweater and skirt made form hand stamped fabric. Donated by Rosie laird, raised $200


44. IMG_3341

Florida Festival souvenirs donated by Susan Steirn, raised $35


45. IMG_3340

Complete set of 5 pairs of ankle strap shoes with Sasha symbol box. Donated by Carol Sluys, raised $145


46. IMG_3339

Outfit by Francis Trickett. Donated by Betsy Roberts raised $90


47. IMG_3337


1969 re-root by Jackie Rydstrom, wearing a dress by Sharon Humphries and shoes by Lisa Hartley. Donated by Betsy Roberts raised $385


48. IMG_3336

Studio doll outfit donated by Pat Pellerito, raised $125


49. IMG_3335

Outfit including smocked dress, shoes and socks by Boneka. Donated by Jackie Kraemer, raised $100


50. IMG_3334

Janet Myhill-Dabbs repaint little tike with outfit, with basket and quilt. Donated by Janet, raised $160


51. IMG_3333

Matching baby and Sasha outfits with wagon, hats and flags. Donated by Lynne Field, raised $100


52. IMG_3332

Elegant evening outfits for Sasha and Gregor. Donated by JoAnn Staricha, raised $100


53. IMG_3331

Studio portrait by Phyllis Goedeke, raised $60



9 patch design quilt. Donated by Linda Hord, raised $40


55. IMG_3329

Halloween outfits for Sasha and Gregor and baby. Donated by Phyllis Goedeke, raised $110


56. IMG_3328

Smocked dress and wool jacket, donated by Ellen Church and Betsy Roberts, Raised $130


57. IMG_3326

Wooden toys by Doll Mum, with special rocking horse, raised $95


58. IMG_3325

White dress baby mint in box. Donated by Susanne Buchau, raised $95


59. IMG_3324

4-piece Malawian dress set with original Sasha sandals included. Donated by Jeanna Bauer, raised $130


60. IMG_3323

Yellow smocked dress and hat donated by Tricia Jackson, raised $95


61. IMG_3322

Cardigan made by Theresa O’Neill, dress by Vicky Chapman and shoes by Rosie Bloom. Donated by Theresa O’Neill, raised $110


62. IMG_3321

Cora in outfit by Marti Murphy, donated by Marti Murphy, Cora donated by Elizabeth Miserek, raised $230


63. IMG_3320

coat set including wool coat, scarf, hat and mittens. Donated by Ellen Church and Karen Warnaka, raised $150


64. and 65IMG_3319

Lined poncho, pants, red sneakers and T-shirt, donated by Phyllis Goedeke, raised $40

Queens Treasures china for Sasha donated by Mary Righos, raised $30




Sasha Doll Through The Years, donated by Gail Rotheim, raised $55



67. IMG_3318

Baby Ginger complete with box, donated by Willa Pettygrove,raised $100


68. IMG_3317

Studio portrait by Phyllis Goedeke, raised $120



Outfit from 2004 Sasha Festival. Donated by Susan Steirn, raised $55


70. IMG_3315

Baby suit made by Rosie Shortell, including shoes. Donated by Rosie Shortell and Kendal Hackney, raised $110


71. IMG_3314

Babt White bird with original clothes. Donated by Jan Jillson, raised $75


72. IMG_3313

Two 1005 cotton Halloween dresses with pants. Donated by Maureen Hallenbeck, raised $100


73. IMG_3312

sweet dress with embroidery to the front, matching pants and crocheted shawl. Donated by Cindy Calabria, raised $50


74. IMG_3311

Thanksgiving outfits. Donated by Phyllis Goedeke, raised $ 150


75. IMG_3310

Limited edition Harlequin donated by Jan Jillson, raised $195


76.  and 77.IMG_3309

76. Dress made by Petrana, donated by Betsy Roberts, raised $100

77. Toddler outfit made and donated by Judith easthorpe, raised $75


78. IMG_3308

Vintage style dress in peach donated by Heidi Wheeler, raised, $80


79. IMG_3307

Cora with flower dress and sandals, donated by Ginger Mullins, raised $170


80. IMG_3306

Christmas outfit, donated by Maureen Hallenbeck, raised $65


81. IMG_3305

Vinyl cape and coordinating skirt, donated by Phyllis Goedeke, raised $35


82. IMG_3304

Cotton dress and pinafore donated by Shirley Bennett, raised $70


83. IMG_3303 (2)

A baby dress made form a vintage tea towel form the 2014 Festival. Donated by Linda Hord, raised $40



2016 Festival souvenir, raised $110


85. IMG_3298

Sasha Studio portrait by Mary Krump, raised $125


86. IMG_3299

Outfit by Lorraine Tyler, raised $45


87. IMG_3297

Halloween dress, raised $ 50


88. IMG_3297



Baby waif raised $75

Creative Playthings catalogue raised $40

89. And 90. IMG_3296



Poster raised $75

91. IMG_0782



Sasha Studio Portrait, raised $55

92. IMG_3295

Last but by no means least, a beautiful smoked dress donated by  Julie Ruleman, raised $160

93. IMG_5578a

Wow, what an auction that was and lets not forget our auctioneer Sheila who reminded us when bidding “It’s For The Children”

Total for the Auction according to my calculator was.$11,175

Here’s a little reminder.








Tomorrows post will be the experts tables, thanks for looking….




  1. Wow, thank you Theresa for posting the auction items and their hammer prices. It was so exciting to be a part of the bidding and seeing how high the items would go. It was for the children and it was great fun! like the happy faces at the end too. A great post. ❤️ xxx


  2. What a wonderful range of auction items here from our, as usual, very generous and thoughtful Sasha collectors for the Save the Children Charity. Such a huge and wide choice with something for every Sasha Doll’s tastes. (A special thanks to, to Heidi who I understand stepped in to replace Marti here. Hope that you are feeling much better now Marti!)

    My sincere thanks indeed Theresa for these superb close up photos and the listing of the donators, the descriptions and the money raised from each and every item. (I fully appreciate the effort and time that you must have spent doing this!)

    Many thanks too for the three organisers, Karen, Norvell and Charla, who obviously worked so very hard to host such a marvellous Festival and thanks to, to all the attendees that helped make it such a great and memorable success.

    PS. I was a little disappointed though not to see my name with Rosie Shortell’s on items 39 and 70 as although Rosie gave me these two delightful items for my 60th birthday present I had decided earlier this year to return them to her (rather than sell them on with my collection) as I felt that they were personal and linked us both (along with Anne-Marie Willis) to the time we were publishing the Sasha World Magazine. (It was then that Rosie suggested that we would donate them to the 2017 Sasha Festival as if it hadn’t been for this I would have naturally donated a little something myself!)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Blimey Theresa, you’ve done a wonderful job of cataloguing the auction for us all. You must have spent a long time making sure all these details were correct and matched to the correct items. Thank you for taking such care over this, I’ve enjoyed looking at everything and marvelling at how generous people are. I’m sure I’ll come back and look at this post a lot so thanks for such a brilliant record ! x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Once again, thank you SO MUCH for bringing the festival alive for those of us not in attendance! The auction started slow but sure picked up steam and delivered a record total for the Children’s Charity. I am a fan of Marti’s tea towel based dresses, and #83 was fabulous! Susanna Lewis’ work is fantastic, and it goes high, FBO the children! Thanks to the many generous contributors to the auction items!! SusanLK

    Liked by 1 person

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