Some of you met my Grand daughter Ruth at the Sasha Celebration Weekend, which she thoroughly enjoyed .

On the day of the raffle she had fallen in love with the blonde girl and had high hopes of winning her. Although she won some lovely items the blonde doll eluded her.

A little while after the Sasha Celebration Weekend I received an email from a lovely Sasha friend saying that she had a blonde doll that she would like Ruth to have as an extra Birthday gift.

Today is Ruth Birthday but, during the week I went to visit Ruth to deliver her extra Birthday gift and as you can see she loves her.







Thank you Rosie Shortell you made a little girl very happy indeed xxx




  1. Happy Birthday Ruth! It is wonderful to see her open her Sasha doll present and her joyful expression! What a fantastic birthday present and so very kind of Rosie to think of Ruth. 🙂 xxx


  2. Just how wonderful is this! So very kind and thoughtful of Rosie to send such a wonderful gift to your sweet little granddaughter, Ruth.
    Yes, I do remember now her wanting to choose that last prize of the blonde Sasha Gingham Doll customised by Janet, when one of her tickets came up. I’m sure that this super gift will more than make up for that disappointment.
    A very happy birthday Ruth. Enjoy playing with your new Sasha.

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  3. This is just the most heart warming post Theresa, how wonderful for Ruth. The joy on her face is just priceless, what a lovely sentiment from Rosie and such a beautiful Sasha doll.


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