An Award For Kendal

Saturday evening we had our own dining room, which was beautifully arranged.

After we had eaten our wonderful dinner, it was time to judge the mask competition for a winner.

The participants waited anxiously whilst the room voted.(well most of them)





The happy Winner was Alice with the green goddess .

The winner of the Robin Hood outfit went to Marilyn Hotchkiss

image2 (2).JPG

And the runner up prize went to Janet  Marsh who was a very deserved runner up, considering that she is very new to sewing, well done Carol.


The high light of the nigh was presenting Kendal with her award from all of us for her life time of collecting Sasha dolls, The Brood.





A very well deserved award to an amazing lady

Janet was also given a big bunch of flowers as a thank you from all of us



This is a photo of myself and my Grand Daughter who thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend with her Sasha doll “Tess”




  1. Awesome! ! I only have known Kendall through her photos of her Sasha Web site. She is most kind and willing to go the extra mile for the new bee . I have learned so much from her Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  2. Loving all the wonderfully colorful masks. Congrats to Alice for the Green Goddess mask. Congrats goes to Marilyn Hotchkiss and Carol Marsh for the delightful Robin Hood costumes. It is also a delight to see Kendal and Janet receiving as well. Kendal for her life long achievement on obtaining such an amazing collection, Janet for all her hard work in putting together such an event.

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  3. I loved being in the private dining room, it just added and extra touch to our day in the halls. Being able to be comfortable and undisturbed whilst giving out prizes, eating our meals and judging was a lovely end to the day. I love the selfie of you and your grand daughter xx


    1. Yes it was a lovely touch to have our own dining space. My grand daughter thoroughly enjoyed herself. She is particularly fond of Petrana and as she could not say her name, she called her. My next door neighbour hotel friend x


  4. Thank you, Theresa, for your wonderful pictures and sharing with us the high points of the Celebration weekend. Your granddaughter is the cutest!

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  5. Thank you and everyone there for the most treasured award. Such a wonderful surprise indeed.
    Loved the card too with all those little personal messages in. Shall really enjoy reading them over and over as I remember such a great weekend.

    Adored the photo of you and your granddaughter, definitely one for the family album to be admired throughout the future. I never even thought to bring my camera down that evening.
    Great display of very creative masks and a stunning winner and runner-up for the Robin Hood outfit. Well done to all the winners here.

    PS. (In hindsight I would have changed out of my jeans into my linen trousers had I of known but was just too tired and thought that they wouldn’t have been noticed when just sitting at the table!!! Just goes to show what thought did!)


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